Volunteers … Congratulations!

Thank you for considering being a part of our community of angels helping hospitalized patients afflicted with loneliness!

Please continue to read below to find out more about how being a part of our mission can help you find a deeper meaning to your life, and serve those most in need through your gifts of time and talent!


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The Transformative Benefits of Volunteering

  • Experience Greater Happiness

    Volunteering improves your mood and well-being through self-giving and altruistic behavior that focuses on other people. We’re simply happier when helping others!

  • Create Meaningful Connections

    Through our matching algorithm, you’ll find a greater connection with members of our community and build friendships that will change your life!

How Does It Work?

We are searching for driven, dedicated, and compassionate volunteers willing to be a part of our movement to change patients lives. Whether you’re looking to spend time in conversation or would like to showcase your talents by doing things like teaching an art class at the bedside or giving an improv comedy performance, we’re excited to partner with you to bring smiles to lonely patients.

After you click on the “Yes, I’m ready to be an Angel”  button, you’ll be taken to a brief form. We’ll then contact you and take you through the process to become a St. Michael’s Angel. Check out the 4 steps below to see how you can get your wings!

1. Tell Us A Bit About Yourself

Share with us what you’re passionate about! Whether it’s sports, music, art, or any other interest, we want to learn more about what drives you and what activities you enjoy the most!

2. Matching You With Patients

Our algorithm will then do its work to match the best patient to you and vice-versa! We give you the power to decide what personal interests you’d like to be matched by, whether it is career background, education, health experience, or anything else!

3. Getting Your Wings

Our specialized training will get you ready to be the best volunteer you can be. Our team is trained in the areas of compassionate care and empathy and we’re committed to fully supporting you during your time as a volunteer with us.

4. First Visit as an Angel

Visit with patients you are matched with, change lives and grow as a person while enjoying the moments shared together as friends!