Do you currently have a family member or know someone who doesn’t have anyone to visit them at the hospital?

If so, keep reading to find out how we can help and what step you can take to make sure they don’t spend another minute without a St. Michael’s Angel


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The Ultimate Benefits For Patients

  • Emotional Support

    We’re here to help by sending an Angel your way. We’ll support you and provide friendship in the midst of a physically and emotionally challenging time through the gift of a loving presence.

  • Unique Gifts From Donors

    We will match you with donors where you will receive special gifts from our social gift shop supporting social entrepreneurs from around the world! Share your dream list with us and who knows … maybe one of our donors can make any one of them come true!

  • Life is Better With Entertainment

    Through our talented volunteers, enjoy activities such as an art class at the bedside, an improv comedy show, or a musical recital, all catering to your favorite interests.

How Does It Work?

If you have a loved one or know of someone you feel can use the gift of a loving presence, please let us know. We are ready to visit them and support them in their recovery. If you’re in the hospital and would like to find out more about us, we can send a St. Michael’s Angel’s ambassador to share more information with you about our programs and if you are ready, send an Angel your way.

Our 3 step process is simple. We find out a little bit about you. We match you with the best possible Angel based on personal interests and commonalities, and we set up the first visit. Check out the detailed steps below!

1. Tell us a Bit About Yourself

Share with us what you’re passionate about, whether it’s sports, music, art, or any other interest, we want to learn more about what drives you and what activities you enjoy the most!

2. Matching you with Angels

Our algorithm will then do the work of matching you with a volunteer that is a best fit! We give you the power to decide what you’d like to be matched on, whether it is career background, education, health experience, or other personal interests!

3. Congratulations! First visit

Enjoy the friendship as your personal Angel keeps you company!

Would You Like Us To Visit You or a Loved One?