Dear Angel Donors,

When you become an impact partner with us and invest in our mission, you are helping us provide the gift of a loving presence to those who need it most in our hospitals. Thank you for your generosity!


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The Benefits of Being an Angel Donor

  • Directly Benefit Patients

    Experience the satisfaction that comes with knowing that your gift will directly help a hospitalized patient in great need. Also, gifts purchased through our social gift shop will be hand delivered by our angels to patients!

  • Greater Life Satisfaction

    Feel happier in your community by knowing that you contributed to someone else’s well-being and that you made a real difference! Each of you play a pivotal role in making our community a better, more loving place.

  • Higher Levels of Happiness

    It’s hard to describe the feeling of self-worth and purpose you experience when contributing to a worthy cause. Those who give to others have been shown to be more likely to feel joyful and content!

How Does It Work?

We’ve aimed to make the donation experience as easy as possible! Simply click on the donate button, fill in the information, and you’re done! Thank you for your support and for helping hospitalized patients that are most in need!

If you’d like to be matched with a patient through our algorithm or if you would like to connect us with a high profile individual such as a celebrity or athlete who would like to visit patients, please choose those options at the end of this page. There are also other ways to give, such as gifts in kind and gifts through our social gift shop. Learn more by following the steps below!

Donate Money

Fill out the information and give any amount to St. Michael’s Angels. It is because of you that we are able to fulfill our mission, thank you for your support! Donations can be one time or can be scheduled monthly donations.

Donate Gift

Donating a gift can be a very fulfilling action. St. Michael’s Angels can help you make that experience even more special by matching you with a patient with similar interests and background. Simply complete our matching profile and our unique algorithm will help pair you with a patient.

Donate a Connection

Many patients dream of meeting up with a special person that they admire. Do you know a celebrity, sports star, performer, politician, or author that might want to donate some time to meet patients? Or maybe you are that special someone! Just let us know and together we can make a dream meet-up come true!

Donate A Gift In Kind

Do you have special items or are willing to donate your services and expertise? Let us know and we’ll have an ambassador reach out to you!